Need to Control Army Worm? Understand Your Enemy First
Numerous conversations on how to counter army worms have left farmers dumfounded. On the other hand a few farmers are now enjoying the benefits of understanding the cycle of the army worms, their chemical resistant capability and products that offer the highest destruction of the menace.
“It is important to note that for the complete control of army worm, continuous use of one product will lead to a drop in efficacy making the pest chemical resistant. Farmers need to combine an array of crop protection products that prevent pests and offspring adaptation. Army Worms mutate very fast thus the need for a fast solution that can act on all stages.” explains Timothy Munywoki, Amiran’s Cereal Agronomist.
The alternation of Amiran’s Prove, Pyrinex Quick, Rimon Supra and Radiant have been field proved to
completely destroy the menace. The products provide farmers with an affordable solution due to their
cost per hectare. They target the four stages of the pests; Eggs, Larvae, Pupa and Adult.

Eggs: The use of Rimon Supra on this stage proves to be most effect because the product causes high mortality on the eggs. ”
Larvae: The larval stage is the most destructive phase:
    •  Pyrinex Quick ; works as a fumigant providing a quick knock effect
    •  Prove: its long residual effect, ensuring no cross-resistance
    •  Rimon Supra; is an insect growth regulator that prevents the caterpillars moulting.
    •  Radiant is for resistance management
All the said products should be alternated to achieve full control of FAW.
“Proper control of this stage revolves around damaging the pupa which is burrowed either in the soil or leaf debris.  For instance, deep ploughing exposes the pupae to predators and solar heat.”   
Prove when sprayed on adult moths; egg laying stops.  

Good efficacy has been recorded to farmers who alternate insecticides with the application done during late evenings as opposed to during daytime. This is attributed to the fact that army worms are nocturnal.
With a number of field proven results accompanied by successful testimonials from farmers, the alternation of these products has proved to be the best option out of this menace. Farmers can now sit back and wait for their harvest time.