The Balton CP team knows well that the growing process begins with quality seeds geared towards boosting our farmer's harvest.

All varieties of Hybrid seeds and OPV seeds are carefully chosen to suit the African soil and growing conditions. Our journey to offer our farmers a complete solution to all of their growing requirements begins by providing high quality seeds, which will provide our farmers with better quality crops and higher yields.


Balton Seeds are selected from renowned and leading globally respected seed producers and breeders offering our farmers the highest quality brand of seeds for both green house and open field production.

Balton Seeds meet all international seed testing standards sourced from leading multinationals in Israel as well as Europe.

Balton ensures value and success in the seeds we provide and provide our farmers with the best seed varieties sought out by consumers all over the world.

Balton Seeds are uniquely selected to suit the soil and weather conditions in Africa, offering our customers a solid foundation for the future. From large scale export farms to small-scale farmers, governments and development partners, who seek to empower Africa’s farmers the finest varieties of seeds, Balton Seeds have become synonymous with results and successful agribusiness throughout Africa.

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