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Car Silo at the Holy Family Basilica in Nairobi

Holy Family Basilica contracted Amiran Communications Limited as part of the team to install a state of the art physical security to the modern underground structure. The facility is one of a kind in Nairobi. It features automated access control for entry and exit and grants access to authorized vehicles only. This enhances the safety of parked vehicles.

Drivers are able to access the parking facility using temporary barcode tickets or prepaid cards. The latter will enable drivers to have a tap-and-go experience without having to pass by the pay stations.

The facility has an intelligent parking guidance system (PGS), which combines traffic monitoring, communication, processing, and information dissemination technologies to give drivers dynamic, real-time information about space availability.

The area is served by two lifts. This makes it accessible to persons who are physically challenged. All the four levels are fitted with enough air conditioning machines, fire-fighting equipment and carbon detectors. There is CCTV surveillance, 24/7.