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Our NPT has a mix of Ethernet and TDM interfaces which support both packet and TDM based services over converged packet infrastructure.

Leveraging our partnership with global leaders in service provision, utility and data center telecom solutions in WDM, Packet Transport and SDH, we deliver end to end packet transport connection solutions for leading telecoms/ service providers and utilities throughout Africa.

IP and packet-based services are driving network operators and revenue growth through traffic growth far outpaces revenue growth.


Our NPT has a mix of Ethernet and TDM interfaces which support both packet and TDM based services over converged packet infrastructure.

NPT makes network transport easy and efficient as well as manageable.


This is a solution that creates a local backbone for public internet connection within a metropolitan area. It is used to create internet linkage within towns, cities or regions. This is referred to as metro connection between corporate sites that are separated geographically by not more than 15kms. A metro is a ring connection that is on a point to point basis and can have up to as many as 100 terminals linked together.

Metro Ethernet is split into two functional unites called:

  1. Metro Access: This is a ring connection that links all clients and users within a town/ city.
  2. Metro Aggregation: It is the link created from the metro access terminal point to the visible/ nearest service provider access point.


The Telecom Backbone Infrastructure is a technology used to create network links between cities, countries and continents.

Amiran Communications works with key world solution providers to build this infrastructure as a carrier for operators and ISPs within the regional local market. Each ISP regional endpoint is connected to the next available/ nearest terminal of the other region. This connection transports very high capacity data.


Also known as Passive Optical Networks, this is a solution that has been implemented by Amiran Communication across East Africa. With this network structure, there is a direct use of point to a multipoint connection with powered fiber optic splitters used to connect multiple endpoints (customers) to a single optical fiber.

It is easier to implement as the traditional cabling systems are reduced. One access point is used to distribute the network link throughout to all the other users without creating multiple points to point connections.

This technology can best be described as a replacement for the old ways of several cable trunks and cabinets to achieve a functional network. In this case, the link is created directly from the access point to the user without any switches.

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