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In today’s technology-driven world, demand for cable-less connection is fast growing into an almost basic need for institutions, corporates, governments, social amenities etc. Because of this, Amiran Communications through its partners provides high capacity, fast, secure and reliable WIFI connection solutions.


Through our expertise, we are able to design and install new WI-FI infrastructure to our clients or upgrade already existing infrastructure to meet the current needs of the client.

Amiran Communications has the end to end WI-FI Access Points, flexible software and hardware management platforms that are compatible with a wide range of equipment.


As the name suggests, this is a Radio connection between two data nodes or endpoints. This solution can be implemented in key environments as indicated below among others.


Video Surveillance

It can be deployed to have data collected from the installation points relayed back to the control rooms in real time

Parking Management

Data captured from the automated systems in the parking areas are communicated through this connection to the control centers.

Digital Signage

This allows remote/virtual control of the installed signage without any physical presence or site.

Smart Meters

It is a connection that provides for real-time remote analysis of the meters from whichever installation sites.

Inter Branch Connectivity

This connects different branches/ buildings to help achieve unified systems and operations e.g banks, governments, schools etc.

Last mile back-haul (for wireless ISPS)

In the current world, ISPs are looking for solutions that can allow close accurate virtual monitoring of their end users/ clients, Point to point wireless connections allow for this to happen since the link is created between the endpoint on the client side and the ISP endpoint.


PTMP is radio communication connection from one point/ hub to various endpoints. In this case, one station acts as the control point for several other endpoints on the client side/installation.

It is used where there is a need to split data or reach a wide population without interfering with the independence of the end users.


Residential Areas

PTMP connections can be used to relay data to different households in residential areas from one communication center/ point.

In addition to the above, All PTP Applications may be used for PTMP as well.

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