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The software solution known as CyFIR Enterprise (CyFIR) allows for the concurrent monitoring of 100% of active processes in the network to identify any malware running in the environment on an endless number of endpoints.

The results of this monitoring are reported in real time, enabling the rapid detection of any intruder gaining access through the endpoints. This enables a CIO to have complete visibility of a network within minutes and greatly reduces the potential damage that can be done to an organization.


CyFir Security

There are many capabilities beyond cyber protection which are described in the attached documents. CyFIR specializes in enterprise-level digital forensic software development and specialized digital incident response services. The Company’s forensic staff has an extensive history of serving top Federal Law Enforcement, Intelligence agencies and corporate clients including large financial firms.

CyFIR is a revolutionary, enterprise-level Malware Detection and Incident Response, Digital Forensic Investigation, and Insider Threat analysis platform that provides organizations with the ability to fully perform remote forensic analysis, evidence capture, and incident remediation on their networked servers and endpoint workstations. Some of the features of cyFIR include:

  • Total Dynamic Visibility of every computer’s RAM, allocated hard drive, unallocated hard drive areas, internet history, registry, logs, chat history etc.
  • Ability to Analyze the RAM on every computer simultaneously in the network.
  • Ability to provide 100% Analysis on every process on every computer in the network within minutes.
  • Parallel searching of every node in the enterprise concurrently for detection of Malware within seconds, thereby minimizing any risk of loss.
  • Ability to view, acquire, search, and analyze client data remotely within a network anywhere in the world without detection or disruption to services.
  • Search for documents, spreadsheets, emails, and more, based on document content, document type, date range, or any combination thereof.
  • Forensic-grade processes support of legal proceedings.
  • Ability to set customizable alerts and queries to proactively hunt and detect insider threat, zero-day malware and other security concerns.
  • Rapid incident response and resolution.

CyFIR is the ideal network investigation and Incident Response software platform for performing live computer investigations across any size enterprise. CyFIR’s Total Dynamic Visibility provides you complete live monitoring and access to every endpoint’s read-only memory (RAM) and hard drive activities simultaneously on every CyFIR enabled endpoint in your enterprise. Radware scrubbing centers have at least 99.999% availability SLAs. Every mission-critical device has at least one backup power feed with UPS and a generator backup. Physical access to the data center buildings, data floors, and individual areas is monitored 24/7. Standardized procedures also ensure that only selected staff has access to equipment whenever required. The scrubbing centers are designed in full mesh topology, and are based on N+1 redundancy across on all of its contained networking elements (routers, switches, load balancers and more) and mitigation elements including the DefensePro. All scrubbing centers are equipped with dual redundant power

CyFIR provides you with the ability to minimize your exposures through the ability to forensically monitor and search every computer on your network in parallel, providing actionable search results in a fraction of the time of other enterprise tools. In addition, CyFIR’s immense capabilities include the ability to view, acquire, search, and analyze client data within a network without detection or disruption to services using forensically sound methods that preserve evidence. Any organization’s IT security or digital forensic team can easily use CyFIR to complete a thorough investigation, collect crucial evidence, and produce detailed reports.

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