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PC Matic PRO Security is the only end point security solution that uses a white list of trusted programs. What’s the downside?

There is one. If a distant relative unexpectedly visits your home, they would be denied access. It is an infrequent inconvenience. In a world with ransomware, and corporate advanced persistent threats, we believe to achieve any semblance of security is through a white list, just like you do in your home designed to stop them.


PC Matic

This simple analogy helps one understand the many flaws in this “black list” approach, and why none of our computers in our homes, businesses and government are cyber secure. There are people being thrown in jail every day, and it is impossible for the list to be completely up to date. The only question is how out of date is it? That’s normally measured in days, weeks or months. In the black list system, for every criminal being thrown in jail, there must be a victim, and that victim could be you. The design is inherently reactive.

Of course, just because they are not a criminal does not mean you want them in your house. There are people that would eat the food in your refrigerator and sleep on your couch. It is such an enormous task to track all of the known criminals that it is a foregone conclusion that freeloaders and ingrates will never be tracked. On our computers, spyware and adware regularly bombard our computers and no other security software can keep it off.

It is possible to bypass the black list with a simple disguise. So a real criminal doesn’t look like they belong on the list. Polymorphic viruses essentially disguise themselves from black list security vendors. Not only is the black list futile, it is also expensive to keep track of all the badness in the world.


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Whitelist Technology

All items are treated as suspicious until they have been cleared (as opposed to blacklist technology which means everything is treated as benign until it has been flagged).

To understand how whitelisting works, imagine protecting your home. Using a whitelist, you create a list of who’s allowed in, from friends, family, and neighbors to company representatives like your plumber or the cable guy.

In the blacklisting model, you’d need to make a list of every trespasser or criminal you want to stop at the door. Remember—new criminals are “born” every day—and you have to keep track of who they are!

Automated Monitoring & Management

Computers must be properly maintained to achieve peak performance and stability. Absent of maintenance, endpoints become sluggish and unstable impacting employee productivity and morale.

Frequently, the computers are replaced prematurely increasing transition costs and reducing asset values. PC Matic MSP automates end point maintenance and provides a detailed report for MSP billing purposes.

Superior Security

PC Matic MSP boasts the best real-time protection in the industry. PC Matic MSP has the industry’s only automated global whitelist which only allows trusted applications to run.

The white list approach proactively blocks polymorphic viruses, APT’s (advanced persistent threats), zero day attacks, and ransomware. In today’s day and age, computer and network security have never been more important, and PC Matic MSP’s white list can keep your clients more secure and happier with their MSP provider.

Patch Management

Beyond PC Matic’s white list technology, PC Matic MSP’s patch management adds another layer of security by closing security holes in common applications such as Java and Flash.

MSPs can select whether each patch is installed real time, on a scheduled basis or not at all.

Prospecting Tool

An MSP walks into a dentist office that has 10 computers. In his pocket is a thumb drive, with an installer made specifically for that dentist office. The MSP runs the installer on all 10 computers in less than 10 minutes. In an hour’s time, comprehensive security, performance, and stability report is generated for all 10 computers.

The MSP can show the report to the dentist on a computer, smartphone or tablet. Better yet, after the dentist is sufficiently impressed with PC Matic MSP, all of the problems can be resolved on all 10 computers with the click of a button.

PC Matic MSP Features

  • Defragments disks
  • Updates drivers
  • Updates software vulnerabilities automatically
  • Cleans registry
  • Removes junk files
  • Scans and cleans security threats
  • Measures performance with a benchmark suite
  • Automated Global White list
  • Blocks Adware
  • Optimizes SSD
  • Deactivates unnecessary Windows tasks
  • Removes unnecessary startup applications
  • Maintain and manage your PCs remotely
  • Schedule computer maintenance automatically
  • Maintenance, security and performance reporting
  • Responsive Design – Manage from any devices
  • Remote Control (VNC)
  • Node.js allows real time status and control
  • Easy remote install
  • Active Directory push install
  • Tech alert system
  • Flexible master and group scheduling
  • ConnectWise Automate Integration
  • Customer Prospecting Tool
  • Customizable Customer Reporting
  • Internet Speed Test/Bandwidth analysis

Driver Management

A driver is software that allows your computer to communicate with hardware or devices. Without drivers, the hardware you connect to your computer— for example, a video card or a printer—won’t work properly. Hardware manufacturers update drivers to fix bugs and to add new features to the hardware. In some instances, such as wireless network chips, drivers are updated to improve network range or to close security holes.

However, just because a driver is newer does not necessarily mean that all endpoints should move to the latest revision. Drivers are low level software and incompatibilities can cause extreme erratic behavior. PC Matic PRO Driver Management is the market leader in automated driver updates. PC Matic PRO Driver Management has full visibility of each driver available for a given computer. PC Matic PRO DM analyzes the prevalence of each driver to determine whether a driver has reached a critical mass of acceptance before making that driver available for general download. At that point, IT administrators have the option to update their endpoints.

Drivers are written by each of the hardware manufacturers and all drivers are not written consistently. Some drivers are easily updated remotely, and others must be repackaged. PC Matic PRO Driver Management repackages and tests each driver to ensure that they can be consistently downloaded and installed remotely.

It is not necessary to update endpoints to the latest versions, but it is best practices for IT administrators to be constantly aware of which drivers are available for update and why. And in the event of a critical update, IT administrators want the ability to quickly and seamlessly update the end points. That’s what PC Matic PRO Driver Management is for.

Performance & Maintenance

Slow computers impact employee morale and productivity. How often are we talking to a company on the phone and the representative complains about the performance of their computer as we patiently wait? It doesn’t have to be this way.

Founded in 1999, PC Matic PRO Performance is the leader in PC performance and maintenance. PC Matic PRO Performance’s feature set is big, including disk defragmentation for XP systems, registry cleaning, junk file removal, startup optimization, disabling resource hogging services, SSD optimization, and a benchmark suite.

PC Matic PRO Performance has automated the process of computer maintenance. IT administrators can schedule a recurring maintenance job, and a simple report affirms that the computer continues to run at peak performance. Once it is set, the endpoint will be under recurring maintenance.

Unlike security where there is not a direct return on investment, PC Matic PRO Performance customers will enjoy improved employee morale, productivity, higher asset value, and lower IT transition costs.

EndPoint Management

Through a single pane of glass, IT staff can manage all of their endpoints security, drivers, patch management, and performance. Or they can choose a subset. As long as one of our products is active, PC Matic PRO Endpoint Management is included.

PC Matic PRO Endpoint Management is an asset management tool that allows IT to see all endpoints under care through a single pane of glass. PC Matic PRO Endpoint Management is a responsive Bootstrap architecture allowing IT administrators visibility with any computer, smart phone or tablet.

PC Matic PRO Endpoint Management features remote boot, remote login, end point online status, and real time performance gauges. PC Matic PRO Endpoint Management was designed for scalability including endpoint tagging and intelligent grouping.


Not a day goes by that we don’t hear about another security breach at a major corporation or government agency. PC Matic PRO Authentication is the industry’s first anti hacking software designed to identify and block any unauthorized access. When access is denied and hacking is suspected, IT administrators have a counterstrike feature to lock down suspicious devices.

PC Matic PRO Authentication uses a three factor approach to anti hacking (user credentials, device, location). The device information is supplied to PC Matic PRO Authentication through a small application that must be installed the first time the device enters the network. The application captures the device GUID (globally unique identifier), make, model, serial numbers, name and other information
that is useful to establish the uniqueness of the device. The application makes a determination of whether the device is a virtual machine.
The application also works on Windows, Mac, and Android phones and tablets.

The application provides the location through the IP address, reverse IP look up, and whether a proxy is employed. In the event of suspected hacking, the same application that is used to obtain the factor information, can also remotely lock down the device. This architecture establishes a trust between the users of the network and the company that owns the network and evens the playing field.

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