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Sulphur (s) as the fourth macronutrient in crop nutrition


You are in-house attorney contacts the eDiscovery technician with an urgent request. A quick-turnaround subpoena has arrived with a call for all documents related to the development of your company’s flagship product. Documents are scattered through the organization, and there is no time to copy individual computers and search for responsive documents with traditional tools. How do you collect the documents quickly and still be fully responsive to the request?


You are discovery technician receives the request from Legal and develops a short keyword list based on the project’s name and specifics. He enters the keywords into his CyFIR Enterprise console and launches a companywide search using CyFIR’s agent-based technology for the responsive documents—including messages stored in the company’s Exchange server and local Outlook PST files. After getting a cup of coffee, he sees that the computers containing the responsive documents have already started reporting- in from around the globe. The technician copies the documents to local storage. Within hours, the documents have all transferred from the distant computers onto the eDiscovery technician’s hard disk. He disconnects the external drive and delivers it to Legal—all before lunch.