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Today’s complex business environment leads to equally challenging internal management issues. During any given week, these scenarios take place in corporations around the world with alarming regularity:

  •  Over the weekend, an unknown intruder gained access to your corporate servers and exfiltrated your company’s intellectual property. What have you lost? Who took it?
  • The company’s CFO is embezzling funds from the organization, and the money must be located quickly while preserving evidence for potential civil or criminal action. Can the trail be
    uncovered and documented?
  • An employee contacts Human Resources because of unrelenting harassment from a corporate executive. Email, chat transcripts, and more must be reviewed to not only prove the case for
    disciplinary action but also to determine the company’s culpability in the matter. Can you thoroughly search email and chat to uncover evidence needed to prove the case?
  • The technology in your latest product is being challenged in a patent lawsuit by a competitor, and you have to produce all documents relevant to an eDiscovery request. Are you able to be
    responsive to the request in time to meet the needs of your legal staff?


CyTech Services, developer of CyFIR Enterprise, was founded by and currently employs senior digital forensic analysts with significant experience in the US’s top Federal Law Enforcement, Military, and Intelligence digital forensic laboratories. CyTech’s leadership guided many of the policies and procedures in use by those laboratories today. CyTech personnel can fully staff and lead your internal investigations or they can supplement your existing personnel in a surge capacity. Should you require full-time staffing on a longer-term basis, CyTech Services can provide contract personnel with the requisite skills to maintain a Federal-quality laboratory at peak operational effectiveness. In addition to our forensic services, our training division can provide standardized or customized training in the use of CyFIR Enterprise—CyTech’s enterprise forensic examination tool, or general training in digital forensic analysis, computer and network security, and more on a classroom or individualized basis.