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Insider Threat

Sulphur (s) as the fourth macronutrient in crop nutrition


One of your employees has become embittered and has accepted a job offer from a competing company. He decides to attack to your company where he knows it will hurt the most—the bottom line. He searches the file servers looking for any intellectual property that his new employers will find useful. Proposals, blueprints, specifications, and other documents get downloaded to his computer and then burned to a DVD. Your company stands to lose millions to the competition if they obtain this critical intellectual property.


CyFIR Enterprise can monitor your network, constantly on the lookout for the files you have told it are your most valuable. Access to those files will be logged, providing a comprehensive counting of every person and every time a document was opened, copied, or moved. Your security personnel will be able to look through the logs and see every file that an employee touched, know exactly which ones were copied to his computer, and know which ones were burned to DVD. Gone are the days of wondering what was stolen. Damage assessment is now a simple review of the logs. Also, when those files get copied to removable media, CyFIR sends an alert to security. They subsequently notified the guards at the door to conduct an exit inspection looking for a DVD, and the employee is caught red-handed with the disk. CyFIR’s proactive monitoring and alerting have prevented data loss and kept your sensitive files from ever leaving the building.