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These bidirectional scanners are positioned so that when a vehicle passes over, high definition images are captured in the database.

  • Under Vehicle Surveillance System (UVSS)

With the growing need for swift but accurate motor vehicle scanning technology, Amiran Communications has introduced to the local market under vehicle inspection systems that automatically identifies threats or modifications to a vehicles under carriage. These bidirectional scanners are positioned so that when a vehicle passes over, high definition images are captured in the database. The images are created in 3D perspective and unique identifiers assigned to each vehicle.


The results from the scanners are sent to the control screens in less than seconds, after which they run a comparative lookup to a known safe vehicle database. Any variations are visualized by graphical circles around the area of concern.

There are two types of UVSS: Permanent/ Fixed Scanners and Mobile Scanners.

Mobile solutions are recommended for checkpoints where roads cannot be dug up or situations where mobility is required.

The biggest gain achieved by UVSS is that the searches have now become comprehensive. It has also reduced boredom initially experienced by those who run the searches for many hours at a time which affected their concentration and accuracy over time.

  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)

This technology uses optical character recognition system on images to read and register motor vehicle number plates. It’s recommended for use at entry/ exit points, on roads or major highways.

ANPR systems can be integrated to work with existing CCTV cameras, Road rule enforcement cameras or cameras specifically designed for this purpose.

The optical character reader can be tuned to meet the unique attributes of the country or region where the system is installed. It is easier to keep track and maintain a database of motor vehicle movement into and out of premises.

  • Barriers and Bollards

A bollard is a short post designed to control traffic access into or out of buildings or installations.

Bollards can be installed at entry or exit points, sidewalks as visual barriers separating pedestrian walkways and motor vehicle driveways, Sometimes bollards can be used to separate roads/ highways.

There are two types of bollards:

Automatic Barriers

These are system operated bollards. They work by using access control devices to activate the hydraulic systems and retract to grant access. They are mainly used in restricted entry and exit points e.g in Malls, Government Offices and Military Barracks.

Fixed Bollards

These are bollards that are specifically installed to permanently separate roads/ sections or deny any access to certain points. They can also be used to redirect traffic.

Fixed bollards are recommended for use on walkways or permanently restricted areas that require no traffic at all.

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