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Design the wide area network (WAN) you need today with the sociability and flexibility you'll need to adapt to tomorrow's challenges.

Intelligent MultiWAN Switch for Multihoming and WAN Optimization

LinkProof, Radwares multiWAN switch, provides uninterrupted access to your data centers, remote locations, websites and the Internet. To ensure continuity when disaster strikes, LinkProof provides reliable access (and fast response times) for all mission-critical applications residing in the data center.

To do this, Link Proof enhances and intelligently routes traffic across Internet links, controlling bandwidth throughout to ensure fault-tolerant connections and scalability.


Design for Today and Tomorrow

Design the wide area network (WAN) you need today with the scalability and flexibility you’ll need to adapt to tomorrow’s challenges. Link Proof can help you migrate from legacy lines to VPNs without risk. It can help increase bandwidth using cost-effective links without compromising up-time. Link Proof goes beyond just managing scalability and redundancy “ it uses all available WAN bandwidth through load balancing, cost-based and proximity routing and traffic-shaping.

With LinkProof you can seamlessly;

  • Add, manage and load-balance multiple Internet service provider (ISP) connections
  • Integrate new ISP links without coordinating IP addresses.
  • Mix-and-match any type of IP-terminated connectivity (VPNs, private and public links) for back-up or in response to your growing bandwidth needs.
  • Maximize the effectiveness of your WAN bypass bottlenecks and service-provider outages, manage bandwidth consumption,you decide which links are used for which applications and when.
  • Ensure that top-priority and business-critical applications always receive the bandwidth they need.

LinkProof controls how applications utilize bandwidth and connectivity so you can take advantage of varying ISP rate structures, minimizing monthly connectivity costs. Based on user-defined policies, LinkProof controls which applications are prioritized (Quality of Service [QoS]) and which ISP link they are directed over.


Integrated IPS and DoS Protection

LinkProof secures all enterprise entry points by providing Denial of Service (DoS) protection and intrusion prevention designed to insulate distributed applications, resources, and users against attack. Radwares multilayer intrusion prevention system (IPS) and DoS protection include innovative behavioral-based technology. This mitigates a wide variety of known attacks and unknown,zero-day attacks including:

  • Floods
  • Pre-attack probes
  • Spyware
  • Viruses
  • Worms

As integrated bandwidth management and access control product, LinkProof isolates attacks, keeping firewalls, servers, databases and applications up and running. This ensures network availability for legitimate application traffic even when under attack.

It is easy to activate LinkProofs integrated APSolute„¢ OSs IPS and DoS security function. This standard function, provided on Radwares standalone DefensePro appliance, requires a simple software key.

And when deployed together with LinkProof Branch, LinkProof provides optimal site-to-site availability, performance, and security for remote offices. In this manner, you can support a server-less branch architecture from headquarters across remote offices, gaining enterprise-wide connectivity savings.

Threats Raise Stakes on Network Security

Application-level attacks pose a serious threat to mission-critical business operations. Financially, the application downtime and lost productivity caused by the increasing number of application-level vulnerabilities and frequency of attacks is constantly increasing.

More than half of security-related downtime cost is due to service degradation, not outright outages. Much of it is considered hidden downtime since service degradation often goes unreported.

Large organizations are hit mainly by Denial of Service (DoS) attacks and server malware. Existing network security solutions, including firewalls, were not designed to handle network and application layer attacks like these:

  • DoS and DDoS flood attacks
  • Scanning and pre-attack probes
  • Server cracking attempts
  • Trojan horses
  • Self-propagating Worms and other malware

Existing solutions won’t detect the threat, let alone protect against it, leaving organizations completely exposed. A solution is needed that blocks attacks before they get anywhere near the application level.

Multilayer Approach Necessary

DefensePro is an in-line, Intrusion Prevention, DoS protection, and a traffic-shaping solution designed for enterprise core

and perimeter deployment, data centers, and carrier backbone. As the industry’s first solution to fully integrate adaptive, behavior-based protection capabilities both in the network and application levels, DefensePro provides unparalleled security against known and zero-day threats.

DefensePro integrates multiple layers of defense, including signature-based protection, protocol anomaly protection, encrypted secure socket layer (SSL) attack protection, access control, and bandwidth management. By using adaptive behavioral analysis, DefensePro immediately identifies and mitigates a wide range of network and server threats “ including zero-day attacks – without requiring human intervention.

Network intrusion prevention systems such as DefensePro provide organizations with the application-level protection they need to guard against multilayered attacks. While advanced attacks continue to pose threats to application-functionality, proper security of business-critical applications will increase overall network performance by eliminating lost productivity due to application-downtime.

Insite Centralized Management and Reporting

Radwares Insite provides the management interface for all APSolute products, including LinkProof. Insite provides centralized multi-device management using an intuitive GUI interface. This lets network administrators proactively monitor networks and quickly detect, isolate and resolve problems before they impact your business.

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