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Amiran Communications in partnership with Allot Secure Service Gateway combines the functionality of web security and DDoS protection systems, to offer a single, scalable solution that lowers the cost of supporting your evolving requirements for application and user visibility, performance, and security.

1. Protect network uptime and efficiency

Maximize uptime and availability through flexible redundancy configurations plus passive bypass with automatic port failover.

2. Automate operations and lower Cost of ownership

Integrates multiple functions in an Intel-based platform that protects your investment and lets you scale network connectivity in a single appliance.


3. Get the visibility you need to control application performance

Provides live traffic monitoring and usage reporting giving you full visibility and control of application performance, web access, user quality of experience, shadow IT and web threats.

4. Protect users from Internet threats and enforce acceptable use

Helps embrace and maximize the business value of cloud (web) applications by detecting and blocking malware, phishing and other web threats before they harm application performance and user productivity.

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