Festus Ruto, Erick Ndungu Muriithi, Dennis Ngetich, and Nicholas Chalo are the four winners who walk away with the Amiran Foundation Kit, a modern holistic agricultural innovation that allows farmers to grow more from less.

The introduction of the Social Media competition is yet another boost to the Amiran and Seeds for Gold Farmer Empowerment directed activities with the core agenda of providing farmers with access to modern agro-technology through media platforms.

The Social Media Competition was carried out in a duration of 4 weeks on the Seeds of Gold and Amiran Social Media platforms. Weekly questions were posed as below;

Week 1: Name Two Advantages of using drip
@Fessto won
His answers were; Drip irrigation allows even distribution of water to all crops and due to the drop by drop mechanism it saves on water compared to other forms of irrigation.

Week 2: Name 3 types of irrigation common in Kenya.
@Mknicho won
His answers were; Drip, furrow, and Sprinkle

Week 3: The name of liquid manure
@DeinnUzain won
His answer was; slurry

Week 4: What Amiran product is used to clean drip lines
@eriqg5 won
His answer was; Superlink

Participants who provided the first right answer as above were picked as winners by a panel of judges from Amiran and Seeds of Gold.

With the Amiran Foundation Kit, the two partners believe that the winners will use the Amiran Foundation Kit to kick starter for these small-scale farmers who want to adopt agribusiness and later graduate to large-scale agribusiness with larger farm inputs.

The farmers will have a chance to start small and grow bit by bit until they are able to afford the modern greenhouses which will set the ball rolling for them to enjoy the benefits of modern agribusiness,” explained Yariv Kedar Amiran Kenya’s Deputy Director. He explained that modern agribusiness does not entirely depend on the prevailing weather patterns as one can produce food throughout the year. This he says, is the best way of also ensuring food security and glorification of agriculture as it gives one uninterrupted income and yields.

The winners of the new kit will have a complete package of farm inputs to enable them fully venture into agribusiness of their choice. The package includes a drip kit of 15 by 6 meter, a 250-litre solid water tank, a one-litre sprayer, instructional growing guides, fertilizer, agrochemicals and high-quality seed types. A farmer with this kit can choose to grow various types of crops like cabbage, watermelon, kales, and spinach among others. The drip kit can last for over 8 years if well maintained as it is manufactured by Netafim a multinational company that invented drip irrigation.

In addition, the relief to small-scale farmers from arid and semi-arid areas of the country like Eastern and North Eastern part of Kenya. Yariv explained, “Using modern agro-technology like the Amiran Foundation Kit, farmers are now able to grow all year round and experience high yields while still conserving the scarce resource water, by ensuring that every drop counts through the drip pipes which deliver water directly to the root of the plant, saving between 30 to 60 percent of water as compared to other methods of irrigation.