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The Green Army

The Amiran warehouse is where all the loading and offloading of fertilizer from trucks and containers is done. The team in charge of this has been dubbed the ‘Green Army’ due to their full green attire, team work, sheer work ethic, fast response to every order, respect to authority and their readiness to always help out in any manual job around the company. The green army plays a very important role in the daily logistics in and around the company; ensuring the products get to the farmers on time and in the desired
condition. The team diligently serves customers from as early as 7:00am and wind up when all customers are served and ready to go.

“This work is done by professionals and knowledge by skilled people and all of them are strong and mentally fit. Even our head of departments are professional. We salute for them for passing that spirit to us” states James Odera, Senior Loader.

Break hour at the warehouse is a sight that will leave a smile on your face. The team is always full of life after a nice hot meal and often gather for song and dance to traditional songs such as mukangala, ohangla and rhumba. Brotherhood is quote evident with all folks in the warehouse; one fan of the famous song has been nicknamed “Mukangala”. Another is dubbed “Kidero” which stems from his love for work like the former Nairobi Governor and “Mukobero” the big hardworking man.

“In addition, we have the small scale packers of fertilizer for the quantities of 250g, 500g and 1kg. They ensure farmers get rightly packages products” explains Odera. Odera closes by sharing that “Our Motto Here Is: COOPERATION LEADS TO SUCCESS . God Bless you all and Amiran Family in General”.


As we all know prevention is better than core. Amiran Kenya has ensured that proper measures are taken in the warehouse so that safety measures are maintained by providing protective gear, safety boots and trainings on health and safety.