Agribusiness (Small Medium Scale Farmers)

The increasing demand for food is creating opportunities for commercial success in the horticulture industry for all level farmers through simple modernized crop production techniques.


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Holistic agribusiness techniques bring together high quality inputs, knowledge and know- how, sourced from world leaders in the agricultural field then tailor-made especially for the African Farmers by Amiran Kenya.

Bridging the gap by ensuring farmers in Africa have access to world-class innovations, our agricultural basket of products includes chemicals, fertilizers, seeds, modern irrigation systems, greenhouse kits, plastics and covers in addition to services such as training, agro-support, on call support assistance and growing guides. The changing weather patterns and emergence of new pests and diseases in the agricultural field has challenged us to continuously research and introduce a range of products to cater to these needs.  We ensure our products and services are reachable to the end user through partnerships with local agro dealers and agro- shops in all levels. Complimenting all of these is our teams of professional agronomists that offer the best technical advice aimed at helping Kenya’s farming community achieve the best possible yields.

Our core goal is to reduce risks and make farming a simple and rewarding venture by providing farmers with all that is needed for a successful harvest.

As we continue to supply and support Kenya’s growers in the floriculture industry, we have placed a large emphasis on the day to day activities of the horticulture and cereal growers with the hope that through these efforts Amiran can play its role in helping to further position our clients in the local and world markets as trustworthy and reliable suppliers through exceptional produce.