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Reliable water supplies are essential for agriculture.  Amiran Kenya enables farmers to irrigate their land more effectively, using technologies that give precise water coverage, even with low volumes of water. We offer water treatment, filtration and pumping equipment and high quality durable pipes to help secure your water supply.

The Amiran Kenya team can guide and implement all irrigation and water supply projects, whether it is for irrigation, potable water for towns and communities, municipal services, or pumping and control systems, as well as removal and treatment of waste water.

Amiran Kenya is a well known and trusted brand throughout many of Africa’s farming communities, respected for its vast range of innovative irrigation methods that fit the growing needs of water saving and modern products for agriculture and gardening.

We install and maintain drip lines, sprinklers, micro-sprinklers, micro-jets, rain guns and center pivot, and offer irrigation solutions used for various crops such as fruits, vegetables, flowers and trees, combining the advantage of low water volume and precision coverage.
Amiran Kenya Irrigation Division is a distributor of top of the range of Irrigation and Fertigation systems such as:

  • Drip irrigation
  • Overhead irrigation
  • Pivot center
  • Center Fertigation unit
  • Water measuring equipment for agriculture
  • Steel water tanks
  • Complete pump house

Drip irrigation is highly demanding in Kenya flower sector. Amiran Kenya is the exclusive representative of Netafim, the largest and most innovative irrigation company. For the last 30 years, Amiran has design and install more than 200 farms in kenya with the average annual of 150 ha installation.

Amiran Kenya Irrigation Division is a distributor of top of the range of Irrigation and Fertigation systems such as:

  • Drip Irigation system
  • Overhead irrigation
  • Pivot center
  • Center Fertigation unit
  • Steel water tanks
  • Complete pump house
  • Water measuring equipment for agriculture

Amiran Irrigation Flower major Projects


  • Kisima 23Ha
  • Bloomingdale 20Ha
  • Uhuru Flower 16Ha
  • Sunland 8Ha
  • Batian Flowers & Nelion
  • Timaflor 1,2,4,3,4 60Ha
  • Lolomarik 1,2 30Ha
  • Finlays Siraji 30Ha
  • Vegpro Bemack 16Ha


  • Vegpro Kongoni 34Ha
  • Eaunox Flowers 24Ha
  • Bundet 25Ha
  • Freshgold 10Ha


  • Penta
  • Transebel(Branen)
  • Kenya Cuttings
  • Kariki


  • Winchester
  • Koren Roses
  • Valentine


  • Primarosa
  • Carnations
  • Masai Flowers
  • Shade Horticulture


  • Equator
  • Panocal
  • Mt Elgon
  • Agriflora


  • Fontana 1,2,3,4
  • Roseto
  • Bliss Flora
  • Xpression
  • Agriflora
  • Africa Bloom
  • Sajamni
  • Flora Ola
  • Molo River Farm
  • Winchester


  • Mbegu (Olnjerowa)
  • Wild Fire
  • Nini
  • Lomokra
  • V.P Longonot
  • V.P Gorge
  • Plantation Plants
  • Kenfolia
  • Bigot
  • Star Flowers
  • Live Wire
  • Hamwe
  • Rift Valley Roses
  • Blue Sky

Amiran Irrigation Division has also embarked on various major irrigation system for vegetable all around Kenya.

Example of Amiran Large – Scale Irrigation system Project

KISCOL(Kwale International Sugar Co. Ltd)

Kwale International Sugar Company Ltd (KISCOL) is a 5500Ha sugarcane project which is done with sub surface drip irrigation. This project is being installed in conjunction with Netafim Ltd, Israel who are experts in irrigation systems and have done various Sugarcane irrigation projects all over the world for example:-Peru – 8000Has.

Kwale Project
1. 2011 – 850 Has
2. 2012 – 4500 Has

Also under this project Amiran Kenya Ltd has taken to construct the biggest Bulk Water Supply system for Kwale which will benefit in storage of water and irrigation of the sugarcane in the area

Projects Done with Amiran and Red Cross Society

Kurungu, Samburu – 20.64HA
Kibwezi, – 29.5Ha
Walda, Garissa – 25Ha
Dertu, Garissa -25Ha
Demajaley, Garissa – 8Ha

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