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Dizengoff Nigeria Communications’ main goal is to provide unified security solutions that are tailor made to fit each client’s requirements to ensure that all their risks and threats are addressed.

Our Major security solutions include Security Surveillance systems from the world’s Best manufacturers; PELCO and ARECONT Vision, BOSCH and AVIGILON  that run on the innovative IP Megapixel Technology, in order to provide our clients with the best Surveillance cameras that not only deliver superior image quality but also cover a wide range area.

Our broad range of Security Solutions include:

  • Providing Expert consultancy and implementation services
  • Next Generation Firewalls
  • Application Monitoring
  • Web Application Security
  • Network security



Dizengoff’s representing the following Cyber Security vendors.

  • Palo Alto – As the next-generation security company, Palo Alto is leading a new era in cybersecurity by safely enabling all applications and preventing advanced threats from achieving their objectives for thousands of organizations around the world. Palo Alto is the fastest growing security company in the market today, with an expertise and deep commitment to innovation and game-changing security platform. Palo Alto is focused on bringing an end to the era of breaches by uniquely integrating, Palo Alto Next-Generation Firewall, Advanced Endpoint Protection, and Threat Intelligence Cloud.
  • Radware – Radware is a global leader in application delivery and cyber security solutions for virtual, cloud and software-defined data centers. Its award-winning solutions portfolio has deliver service level assurance for business-critical applications while maximizing IT efficiency. Radware’s solutions empower has more than 10,000 enterprise and carrier customers worldwide to adapt to market challenges quickly, maintain business continuity and achieve maximum productivity while keeping costs down.
  • Checkmarx – Checkmarx Mission is to guarantee that released software is free of technical and logical security vulnerabilities. Software developers are expected to rise to the challenge and deliver applications faster than ever before, which are both safe and secure.
  • Allot – Allot assist enterprises to enhance productivity and bandwidth usage. Our advanced DPI-based broadband solutions help leverage network intelligence to analyze, protect, improve and monetize the user experience over mobile, fixed and cloud assets.
  • Skybox – Skybox gives security management and operations the tools they need to eliminate attack vectors and safeguard business data and services every day. With unparalleled visibility and context-aware intelligence of the attack surface, Skybox solutions drive effective vulnerability and threat management, firewall management and continuous compliance monitoring.


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