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SPICA Time and Space is a fully integrated system, providing complete solution for workforce management including access control and working time management.

Access control software can be notoriously unfriendly, with myriads of hard to understand and rarely used parameters. By the same token, time and attendance systems deal with vast amounts of data that is sometimes intimidating to even the most skilled administrators.

Our Solution helps you to:

  • Provide robust violation reporting and allows you to determine what actions to be implemented when they occur.
  • Give your business intelligence by helping you measure time utilized on different types of events, thus helping you run analysis and make better decisions.
  • Visualize planned and realized attendance with multiple schedules for different departments

Time&Space – Manage your workforce time and create a great working place

Workforce management is pivotal to productivity, productivity crucially depends on good time management, and good time management means that you have all the time you need to focus on priorities. With our Time&Space solutions at hand the process is fast and smooth.

1. Time Management

Our workforce management platform comprises modules that handle all your time management segments – from planning and scheduling through attendance and absence tracking to using business intelligence to report and analyze the wealth of data.

2. Project Time Tracking

Project Time Tracking module helps you better plan and budget your project team activities. Utilize your resources more efficiently. Focus on tasks that save money and increase productivity. Capture all billable hours, deliver projects on time and within budget.

3. Access Control

Secure your business without reducing anyone’s mobility or sense of comfort. Shape your working place according to your security demands and rules. Define who and when can access what kind of resources and information in your environment.

Increase Productivity:

  • Optimized scheduling staff levels
  • Lower rate of overtime and absenteeism
  • Minimize risk of violations
  • Easily predict labor costs

 Lower Admin time required:

  • Empower employees by giving them self-service tools
  • Mobilize field workers with smartphone mobile app
  • Involve employees into planning of their working schedules

 Enhanced Security:

  • Ensures access for the right people, at right time, to the right locations
  • Support advanced visitor booking and tracking
  • Protect personal data with secure authorization and Audit trails

 Spica advantages:

  • 30 years of Best Together partnership with Microsoft
  • 30 countries available in 15 languages
  • 3.000 satisfied Customers/Accounts
  • 1.000.000 users daily Check In/Out in real time

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