Project Management

Balton CP applies multidisciplinary skills across its wide range of activities to successfully plan, implement and manage turnkey projects. Priding ourselves on our ability to offer end-to-end solutions for even the most complex problem, Balton CP has pioneered many, first of their kind, projects across Sub Saharan Africa.

Home Project Management

Balton CP's project management history is a story of leadership coupled with a result driven approach.

Successful projects include the development of water treatment facilities and supply schemes, electrical power generation and pumping facilities, radio communication networks, grain storage and handling facilities, complete flower and horticultural growing facilities, and intricate database and multifaceted security projects. Solutions provided by Balton CP have contributed greatly to the establishment of many new businesses throughout the region and have allowed the group to work together with its customers and partners to lead the development of advanced infrastructure based on cutting-edge solutions throughout Africa.

Balton CP brings together teams of international professionals and supply partners. Anchored on a talented family of employees from all over Africa, we are able to adapt some of the world’s most advanced technologies to suit the diverse cultures and environmental challenges of Africa. We pride ourselves on our ability to tailor African Solutions to African Problems.