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Balton Rwanda launched a focused long term initiative with the aim of empowering Africa's small scale farmers with Balton's 3 pillars to successful, sustainable agribusiness: Knowledge, Know-how and high quality inputs and technologies.

In 2008, Balton Rwanda launched a focused long-term initiative with the aim of empowering Africa’s small-scale farmers with Balton’s 3 pillars to successful, sustainable agribusiness:  Knowledge, Know-how and high-quality inputs and technologies.  This philosophy has positioned Balton Rwanda as one of the leading entities in Africa driving a small-scale farmers ‘agribusiness revolution’.  Balton’s approach is anchored on the award-winning Farmer’s Kit, created with the aim of allowing small-scale farmers affordable access to modern agricultural technologies, methods, and inputs of the highest standard.


Designed by the Balton team of experts and anchored on globally recognized and tested technologies, the Balton Farmer’s Kit (BFK) is a tailor-made Kit designed to meet the needs of the specific farmer or group of farmers by adapting the components of the Kit to suit the climate, terrain, and agricultural experience of the farmer.

Following years of development and hands-on experience with African farmers adopting these technologies, The BFK incorporates innovative agricultural technologies including the Family Drip System (FDS), from Netafim, an easy to use gravity based drip irrigation system, a Farmer’s Greenhouse and top quality agro-inputs such as Seeds, Fertilizers and Agro-Chemicals.

The BFK comes complete with installation, training and an agro-support package that would teach the “Balton Farmer” how to grow. We stay with the farmer throughout the season to ensure the best results. The BFKs are custom made by Balton Rwanda for individuals and specific groups of farmers and include all the necessary ingredients required for one season’s successful harvest of a selected crop.

Balton has taken the ‘kit’ approach further, developing a wide range of kits suited to the smallest of garden plots or larger tracks of land.

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