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Kigamboni retired officer became a millionaire

Dar es salaam is one of the hottest regions in Tanzania where the temperature could rise up to 37`C. It is said by researchers across the world that, high temperature can harm production and reproduction on poultry. Feed intake and eggs production reduce in hotter climates as compared to cooler temperatures.

Temperature challenges did not stop Mzee Mathew, a 66 years old who retired in 2010 and decided to visit Balton offices for some consultation on modern poultry farming. Upon his arrival, he found battery cages in the display ground and became more interested to learn from our expert. “I worked in the government for more than forty years, I retired some years ago and decided to do something positive with my life after receiving my benefits rather than feeling sorry for myself until I die. I then visited Balton for some help and my eyes were caught by surprise with a layer cage technology they had at their office grounds. I felt relieved after reading the advantages because my poultry farming is always local with no expertise on it” said Mathew.

In the tropical climate, one way to alleviate heat stress on poultry is by improving their habitat. Local chicken can adapt easily Tanzania climate compared to layers or broilers who needs extra care for example where they rest and feed. With an introduction to battery cages to Mzee Mathew, it made his poultry farming even more friendly and profitable. Mathew used to keep a few layers at a local constructed open housing where he picked few eggs or sometimes none.  Mzee was eager to do poultry in a professional and modernized manner.

He made a decision to start with 3 battery cages in 2013 and today he has 10 cages with 1928 layers. Each chicken produces an egg daily, cost per egg is 300Tsh which gives him approximately total of 578,400Tsh every day.

Battery cages have some disadvantages but many advantages and below are some benefits Mr. Mathew is experiencing today:

  • Easy to do stock counting in a large flock
  • The chickens laying eggs on the floor will have direct contact with their droppings which is a serious health hazard as the droppings contain ammonia.
  • Chickens have direct contact with their eggs and may break some which will result in a loss of income to the farmer
  • Chickens reserve energy for egg production by restricting their movements in the cage
  • It`s easier to identify a sick chicken and treat immediately without other to be contaminated

“I wish I had started this modern poultry farming when young and full of energy, it would have taken me way far economically. Youth this is your opportunity to learn and do it right in a poultry farm business. Never wait until you are 66years old or retired like me to become a millionaire” Mathew advised with a bright smile.

This article was written by:

Linda Byaba

Head of Business Development and Public Relations

Balton Tanzania Ltd