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All government institutions require stable and reliable power to be available all the time for their critical systems and applications. With seasonal power outages the country has been experiencing, a backup power solution that is not only reliable and stable but also capable of having its capacity increased as demand increases.

Balton Tanzania Communications did provide a power backup solution to the Bank of Tanzania to support their critical system during power outage for hours.

At the Bank of Tanzania, a Gamatronic modular UPS of IOOKVA was installed, and since then, none of its components have gone faulty nor battery replacement has been required


All telecommunication companies in Tanzania use point to point links to provide internet and MPLS access to their clients, government and private institutions. All of these institutions require network connectivity and availability of 100 percent throughout the year.

To provide this reliable service, these telecom companies require point to point radios that can operate at environments that are either extremely hot or cold, with a lot of interference challenges and in long distances but maintaining maximum throughput and availability.

Most of the telecom companies in the country have been struggling to meet their customers’ demands when it comes to providing connectivity at long distances with interference but Radwin point to point radios with throughput up to 750Mbps from Balton Tanzania Communications proved to overcome all these challenges faced by the Telecom companies.

To date, thousands of the point to point links within the country have been replaced with Radwin point to point microwave radios, and these links have been stable since.


Mining industry a lot of challenges when it comes to communication, regardless if the operation is open pit or underground mining. Most mining operations are similar but different and unique due to the nature of the environment as well as the mining style used to mines as much as possible while reducing cost.

Having the most experienced and well equipped technical team, Balton Tanzania Communications have managed to survey, design and implement very stable two-way radio communication solution for all mines in Tanzania. Each solution was based on the nature of the mine as well as the area which required communication coverage.

All communication solutions for the mines Balton Tanzania Communications have been providing are flexible enough to allow future extension as the mines expand as well as needs arise, and we have gone even further by connecting sites in different regions while allowing also two-way radio communication availability along the road across all the connected regions.

Security Companies/ National Parks (Tanapa)

Since all security companies have their guards scattered around to different posts at different locations within each region throughout the whole country, an instant means of communication is always essential with top most availability at all times.

Balton Tanzania Communications for years has been providing Motorola two-way radio communication solution to most of the security companies in the country with coverage even beyond the areas required, providing them an opportunity to utilize the service as they expand in the number of clients.

With the availability of TRBOnet, all Motorola two-way radios with GPS capabilities can be tracked on their location and movement at any given point in time. Also, all communications to and from each radio can be recorded and stored for future reference when required.

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