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Poverty Eradication Ambassador

GOSPEL crooner Julius Owino, popularly known as Juliani, has been unveiled as the first Amiran Poverty Eradication Ambassador.

The six-month-long contract with Amiran will see the Utawala hit singer travel across the country, participating in workshops with the aim of encouraging the youth to engage in agribusiness.

In his capacity as ambassador, Juliani, who a week ago completed training on better farming practices with the Amiran Farmers Kit, will be working with the Amiran team to energise the youth to be pro-active in creating own wealth through agribusiness to reduce extreme poverty and hunger.

“There is no excuse for any young person to go hungry or be unemployed. All we have to do as the youth is to drop this attitude we have for agriculture. It’s time to change. We must get our hands dirty as the end results of all the labour are immense. We have all the resources to make agribusiness the ultimate backbone of our financial stability. It’s just the right way to fight the rampant poverty ravaging our people,” Juliani said.

According to Amiran’s head of business development and PR, Gilad Millo, appointing the singer to the position was “a careful thought, a decision never to be regretted. Juliani breathes in a sleek lyrical flow, passionate delivery and electrifying performance that have collectively and officially hailed him as an important voice of our time. The goal of this partnership is to prove to Kenyans, especially the youth, that agribusiness offers a respectable, sustainable and ‘cool’ means of wealth creation and can be practised even by someone with no prior knowledge or experience in this area, such as Juliani himself.”