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Amiran offers a wide range of agro-chemical products for various crops such as vegetables, maize, citrus, wheat, soybean, tobacco and many more, catering for all types of farming systems.

Our highly experienced staff are on hand to advise farmers on the proper use of such chemicals and the best way to handle them whilst ensuring the environment is not harmed.

Plant diseases have a significant economic impact on yield and quality, therefore managing diseases is an essential component of production.

We provide the following agro-chemical groups:

Fungicides which control fungal disease by specifically inhibiting or killing the fungus causing the disease. For example – Phosphite 600, Orius.

Insecticides which control insects such as red spider mites, aphids, leaf miners and many more. These products include Akari (for spider mites) and Decis (for cutworms).

Growth regulators aid with plant growth. These chemicals can be used from the transplanting stage to the ripening stages of the plant. For example – Ethephon (aids ripening).

Fertilizers are planting nutrition. Examples include Multi-K, Polyfeed, FROTTORO,  and N-Force.

Soluble Fertilizers are an extremely efficient, local application directly to the root network, through drip irrigation – Calgro, 30-30, Foliar K, Super Boron, SuperTrace, N 42.

Seed Dressers of which examples include 30-30 and Germinator.
Amiran represents the following International Brands in Zambia:



Through its subsidiaries across Africa, Balton offers a wide range of agro-chemicals including Herbicides, Insecticides, Fungicides, Fertilizer foliar nutrients and products to promote good husbandry.

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