Tomato Varieties

Nemo netta

Height: 1.8-2.44 m     Yield/plant: 18-27kg entire life span  Growing Habit: Indeterminate

Spacing: 30-40 cm intra-row 1.2-1.5 inter-row       Fruit Shape: Medium (Under one pound)

Fruit size: Standard    Days to Maturity: Mid (69-80 days)        Fruit Colors: Red

Disease Resistance

Fusarium Wilt (F), Verticillium Wilt (V), Root Nematodes (N), Tobacco Mosaic (T)



Height :130-200  Yield/plant: 15-25kg entire life span

Spacing: 30-40 cm intra-row  1.2-1.5 inter-row  Harvest Period: 6-9 months

Fruit Shape: Flattened round  Plant population/Hectare : 20 000 – 25 000

Recommended Growing system : Open Field, Greenhouse

Optional Planting Season: Extremely adaptable for various growing conditions.

Disease Resistance

Excellent yield with very long shelf life and Nematode resistance



Roman type with high fruit quality and FoI3 resistance

Weight (gr): 130-160  Yield/Plant: 18-27 entire life span   Plant: Determinate

Fruit Shape: Oval    Recommended growing system: Open field or stacking

Disease Resistance

HR: Vd, Fol (race 1,2,3), Pst  IR: SI, Mi, Mj, TSWV



One of the most popular hybrid beefsteak-types, with improved disease resistance. Solid, meaty, bright red tomatoes weigh up to 2 lbs. Better yields, larger fruits and good tolerance to cracking and splitting. Indeterminate.

Weight (gr) :200-220  Firmness: Good  Shelf-life: 3-5 days  Plant Type: Determinate

Fruit Shape: Ellipse  Shoulders: U  Relative Maturity: Early   Season: During Dry Season



Weight (gr): 180-200   Firmness: Good    Shelf-life: LSL   Plant Type: Indeterminate

Fruit Shape: Circular   Shoulders:  Relative Maturity: Medium  Season: Wet Season

Disease Resistance

TYLCV(IR), TSWV(IR), N(IR), V, F-1, ToMV, C5



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