AT310 Thermometer box

The infrared temperature measuring device is the human body surface temperature screening instrument. The test results reflect the real-time temperature evaluation of objects or people in a specific environment. It is mobile, portable and lightweight, which can attach anywhere: indoors or outdoors
● Non-touch temperature measuring from 1 cm – 50 cm

● Real time voice broadcast of temperature reading, high temperature sound and light alarm

● Medical high precision IR temperature module module

● LED panel for temperature reading

● Measurement area: forehead or wrist

AT310 Thermometer box




Handheld Infrared Thermometer – UT300R


● Portable

● Non contact- Able to measure temperature 10cm away from body

● Digital Laser Technology

● Response time 500ms

● High temperature alarm- temperature above 37˚c sounds alarm


Infrared Thermometer - UT300R







Walk-Through Temperature & Metal Detector-PS300

Walk through metal detector PS-300 with body temperature measure function, two sensors built on door panels for different high passengers. Sound and LED alarm for metals and high and high temperature people. PS-300 walk through scanner adopts advanced DSP technology, auto caliberation and self-testing, multi-zones alarm and five-bit count, it can work indoor and outdoor. The human body temperature measure result will display on panel accurately

●  Fast speed testing, less that 1 second more fast and accurate than normal handheld forehead thermometer

● No-touch body temperature infrared measure technology

● Led alarm bars built in front of door panels that is for accurate detection and alarm display

● Body temperature measured through forehead/wrist/palm

● It can test the temperature within 30cm distance

● Walk through type

● No need for someone to hold and scan each person

● It is able to detect ferrous and non ferrous metals

● Ideal solution for company, school, shopping malls etc.entrance controlling

● Two sensors built on door panels for different high temperature passengers measure

● Tamper-proof, operate program is protected by password

● Size: 2200*820*460mm

Walk Through Temperature & Metal Detector – PS300