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Amiran’s experience and expertise with providing full solutions through the variety of products we supply, has made the company a one-stop-shop for the satisfaction of our customer needs.

Amiran Zambia History

We supply products manufactured under strict quality control with state-of-the-art technology, which together with our after-sales service, provides the requisite solution and backup support that customers rely on for efficient Agronomy, Engineering, Installation, and Maintenance.

Amiran’s AGRICULTURAL DIVISION is working to introduce new methods of growing traditional crops, introducing the very best, high-quality agricultural products and services, yet remaining sensitive to the needs of rural farmers.

Based on the unique requirements of the Zambian farmer, Amiran offers comprehensive solutions enabling agriculture to expand and develop and will help achieve a number of the Millennium Development Goals.

We supply everything that is required for growing crops along with expert advice on cultivation and post-harvest solutions.

Amiran Zambia Office

Motivated by a passion for empowering the people of Zambia and a pioneering spirit for introducing new, cutting-edge technologies and knowledge

Our COMMUNICATIONS DIVISION offers Hi-Tech Security and Homeland Security Solutions, Access Control, Time Attendance and Perimeter Security Solutions, Satellite, Wireless and Underground Communication, Gate Security and Surveillance Solutions, GPS Tracking with embedded CCTV Surveillance, Thermal Imaging Solutions and much more.

Company Values

Balton CP is proud to have worked across Africa for over 50 years. Throughout that time, our mission has been to bring the highest quality products and state-of-the-art technology from world-class suppliers and to develop new services in the growing, but challenging, markets of Africa.

We now have companies in seven African countries and we do business in many other markets. Our workforce comes from across Africa and the world. We recognize and appreciate the many social customs and cultural differences that exist in our trading area. However, the employees and officers of Balton CP share a set of important beliefs about how we do business.

These are our Balton Values:


We respect our customers, our business partners, and our colleagues. We do not act in a way that harms any person or community. We do not allow harassment or discrimination in our business. We protect our reputation. We value our achievements and are proud of our work.


We compete fairly for our customers‘ business. We reject corruption. We do not look for special treatment. We do not make political donations and we do not trade in political influence. We comply with the laws of the countries in which we operate. We pay our taxes. We keep our promises and expect the same of others.


We minimize any negative impact on the environment. We do not put the health or safety of anyone at unnecessary risk. We sell products that are safe and give our customers the information they need to use them safely. We think about the long-term effect of our actions. We protect information that is confidential.


We tell the truth to our customers, colleagues and governments. We describe our products correctly. We take responsibility for our actions. When we make mistakes, we admit them so we can correct them quickly. We keep complete, timely and accurate business records. When we have concerns, we share them promptly.

We expect every employee, officer, director, business partner and supplier to live up to our Balton Values. We understand that we work in countries that are fast-changing, complicated and often challenging. Despite that, we do not compromise our Balton Values. We believe that our Balton Values are good for business and good for the long-term value of Balton CP.

If you are uncertain about how to behave in a specific situation, or if you think we are not living up to our Balton Values, you should share your concerns promptly.

You can speak to any of our Country Managers or you can send an email to our global management team at baltonvalues@baltoncp.com